AEW Dynamite Results december 6

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AEW Dynamite Results for December 6, 2023

  • Jon Moxley vs. Rush in the Continental Classic Gold League Clash

This was a Continental Classic Gold League match between Jon Moxley of the Blackpool Combat Club and Rush of the LFI. It was very exciting to watch. In the brutal fight, both fighters gave it their all and traded hits inside and outside the ring. Moxley’s toughness paid off when he won with a bulldog choke, showing that he knew how to do the basics.

AEW Dynamite Results
  • Roderick Strong’s Shocking Truth

Roderick Strong shocked his friends by getting out of his wheelchair and saying that he would not be held back by the choices he had made in the past. This sudden turn of events sets the stage for Strong’s future plans and adds a new level of interest to his current story.

  • MJF’s Battle of Words with Adam Page, AKA “Hangman”

After Page’s recent Texas Death Match with Swerve Strickland, AEW World Champion MJF got into a heated argument with “Hangman” Adam Page. Page sent a defiant message to MJF while he was still recovering from the brutal fight. This set the stage for a possible future showdown between the two fierce rivals.

  • The Continental Classic Gold League is won by Swerve Strickland.

Mark Briscoe played Mogul Embassy’s Swerve Strickland in another Continental Classic Gold League match that both teams had to win. Even though Briscoe put up a strong fight, Swerve won with a Swerve Stomp and earned nine important league points.

  • Mariah May’s AEW Debut Plans Are Made Public

During a chat with Renee Paquette, Mariah May shared exciting news about her upcoming AEW debut. Fans of AEW are getting more and more excited for May to bring her unique style and glitz to the promotion.

  • Big changes in the MJF and Samoa Joe stories

The big event of the night was a tag team match between The Devil’s Masked Men and AEW and ROH World Tag Team Champions MJF and Samoa Joe. But things went bad during the match when the hooded men from the devil disappeared, leaving MJF unconscious backstage. Samoa Joe’s fight with MJF was a sign of bigger problems that were yet to come out.

  • Toni Storm Keeps the AEW Women’s World Title


“Timeless” AEW Women’s World Champion Toni Storm successfully protected her title against Skye Blue in a tough match. After the match, there was chaos when Riho showed up out of the blue and confronted Storm. This sets the stage for a possible future title match.

  • A win in the Continental Classic Gold League is sealed by Jay White.

“Switchblade” Jay White fought Jay Lethal in an exciting Continental Classic Gold League match. The win was won by White’s smart moves and a well-timed pinfall, which was very sad for Lethal.

  • A controversial main event comes to an abrupt end.

In the main event, “The Patriarch,” Christian Cage, defended his TNT Championship against “Rated R Superstar,” Adam Copeland. The match went in a disturbing direction when Christian Cage, with the help of Nick Wayne’s mother, used unfair methods to attack Copeland and then pin him down.



AEW Dynamite
AEW Dynamite

Jon Moxley (3–0 record, 9 points):
Moxley, the Unleashed Gladiator, has an amazing 9 points and has never lost a game. It is well known that he has a strong style, and he is a major player in the Continental Classic.

Take a swing at Strickland (Record: 3–0, Score: 9):

With a perfect record and 9 points, Swerve Strickland brings his own unique style to the competition. Fans love him and see him as a strong rival because he is quick and creative.

Jay White (2-1 record, score of 6):

The Switchblade, Jay White, may have had a defeat, but his 2–1 record and 6 points show how tough he is and how good he is at planning ahead. He’s going to come back stronger than ever.


Rush (Score: 3): Record: 1–2

Rush is still a tough rival with a 1–2 record and 3 points, even though he is off to a rough start. Because of how powerful his style is, he can turn the tide of any fight.


Jay Lethal (Score: 0):

After three games, Jay Lethal has lost all three and has no points. He has a tough fight ahead of him. It’s possible for anything to happen in wrestling, though, and Lethal is sure to bring his best.


Mark Briscoe (Score: 0): Record: 0–3

Mark Briscoe is in a tough spot, just like his brother, with a score of 0–3 and no points. But the tough Briscoe spirit could lead to a surprise turn for the better.


Brody King (Score: 6): Record: 2–0

Brody King still hasn’t lost, with a 2-0 record and 6 points. He is a strong contender because of his raw power and intensity. Keep an eye on him as the game goes on.

With a record of 1-0 and a score of 3, Andrade El Idolo:

Andrade El Idolo is making waves with a 1-0 record and 3 points. He brings his international flair to the competition. He is a great fighter because of his charm and skill in the ring.


Bryan Danielson (1-0 record, 3 points):

Bryan Danielson, the American Dragon, has a record of 1-0 and 3 points. He makes the game more difficult because he is so good at using technology.


A record of 1-0 and a score of 3 for Claudio Castagnoli:

The score for Claudio Castagnoli is 1-1 with 3 points. He brings his European style to the mix. He is a tough opponent because he can do many things in the fight.


With a record of 0–2, Daniel Garcia has a score of 0.

Daniel Garcia, a rising star, has a tough road ahead of him with a 0–2 record and no points. But his determination and drive to do well could help him have a big showing.


Eddie Kingston’s record is 0–2 and his score is 0.

The straight-forward Eddie Kingston is trying to turn things around even though he is 0–2 and has no points. Kingston is always ready for a fight because he is known for getting into fights.



AEW Dynamite Results
AEW Dynamite Results

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