“Bad Bunny Live in Concert: ‘Most Wanted’ Tour Locations”

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The year 2024 is about to become a musical paradise for you if you’re an avid fan of Bad Bunny. The ‘Most Wanted’ US Tour dates were recently revealed by the reggaeton superstar, and they are absolutely phenomenal. Fans across the country will have the amazing chance to see Bad Bunny’s thrilling live concerts from February through May.

Dates and Locations:Here’s the full list of tour dates and locations:



:21st – Salt Lake City, UT

23rd – Las Vegas, NV

24th – Las Vegas, NV

27th – Phoenix, AZ

28th – Phoenix, AZ


1st – San Francisco, CA

2nd – San Francisco, CA

5th – Sacramento, CA

7th – Portland, OR

9th – Seattle, WA

13th – Los Angeles, CA

14th – Los Angeles, CA

15th – Los Angeles, CA

20th – Denver, CO

23rd – Minneapolis, MN

26th – Kansas City, MO

28th – Chicago, IL

29th – Chicago, IL



4th – Toronto, Ontario

6th – Detroit, MI

11th – New York, NY

12th – New York, NY

13th – New York, NY

17th – Boston, MA

19th – Philadelphia, PA

20th – Hartford, CT

22nd – Louisville, KY

24th – Tulsa, OK

26th – Austin, TX

27th – Austin, TX

30th – Houston, TX


  • 1st – Houston, TX
  • 3rd – Dallas, TX
  • 4th – Dallas, TX
  • 7th – New Orleans, LA
  • 10th – Charlotte, NC
  • 11th – Nashville, TN
  • 14th – Atlanta, GA
  • 17th – Orlando, FL
  • 18th – Orlando, FL
  • 21st – Tampa, FL
  • 24th – Miami, FL
  • 25th – Miami, FL
  • 26th – Miami, FL



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