Oregon vs. Washington score: Huskies rally to win Earn a place in the College Football Playoffs and the Pac-12 title.

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Oregon vs. Washington score: Huskies rally to win Earn a place in the College Football Playoffs and the Pac-12 title.

Date: December 2, 2023

Score of Washington vs. Oregon: Huskies rally to win Pac-12 title and guarantee a spot in the College Football Playoffs
In an exciting NCAA football game, the Washington Huskies defeated the Oregon Ducks by a slim margin of 34–31 after a nail-biting contest on the football field. Fans were enthralled with the match between these two dominant teams as both sides displayed incredible ability, strategy, and tenacity.


Oregon vs. Washington Huskies summery

No. 3 Washington rallied to overcome No. 5 Oregon 34-31 on Friday, capping off an exciting Pac-12 Championship Game. In addition to winning the final Pac-12 football championship, the victory secures the Huskies’ second College Football Playoff berth (2016) and raises their record to 13-0 overall.
The dangerous 11-2 Oregon Ducks squared battle against the spectacular 13-0 Washington Huskies. The game was intense, with every play and decision having the ability to change the result, as seen by the final score of 34–31.



The opening quarter saw both teams display their offensive skills, setting the tone for the match. After each team scored ten points, the Huskies and Ducks exchanged blows, and the tension only became higher. There was little scoring in the second quarter due to a defensive fight between the two sides as they closed ranks.


The Huskies were able to gather steam as the game went on and scored 14 points in the third quarter. But the Ducks didn’t back down; they scored 14 points of their own to set the stage for an incredible fourth quarter.


The Oregon Ducks made a heroic effort to change the score in the last seconds of the game. With a three-point deficit, they went on a fierce offensive drive in an effort to score a touchdown that would change the outcome of the game. But the defence of the Washington Huskies stood firm, denying the Ducks the chance they were hoping for.


Ultimately, the Huskies’ fortitude and calculated plays proved to be the difference as they triumphed 34–31, capping a historic season.


Oregon vs. Washington

Team and Player Stats:

The game’s individual and team statistics provide a clear picture of the fierce struggle that took place on the pitch:

Washington Nationals:

– 363 total yards

– Yards passed: 239

There were 124 rush yards.

– Plays in yards: 6.7

– 26 first downs

– Efficiency at third down: 10/15

– Fourth down effectiveness: 2–2

– 54 plays in total

– Four points

– Penalties: 2 (yards)

– Lost fumbles: 0

– Thrown interceptions: 1

– Possession time: 37:08


Ducks of Oregon:

– A total of 481 yards

– 324 passing yards

There were 157 rush yards.

– Plays in yards: 6.2

– Initial defeats: 17

– Third-down effectiveness: 3/10

– Fourth down effectiveness: 1/

– A total of 78 plays

– 7 (50) punts

– Penalties: zero yards

– Lost one fumble

– Thrown interceptions: 0

– Possession time: 22:52


Oregon vs. Washington Huskies

Popular Subjects:

In single-scoring contests, Washington is now 7-0. With at least one loss, no other team in the nation has won more than four one-score games.
Washington has played with a one-score disadvantage in the fourth quarter in nine consecutive games.
For the first time since 2016, when it won the Pac-12 and fell to Alabama in the semifinals, Washington will make a trip back to the College Football Playoff.
Washington had made three trips to the Pac-12 Championship Game. It has triumphed in all three.
This season, Johnson’s 152 rushing yards are second-highest in a game. Against USC, he ran for 256 yards.
This season, Nix’s 239 passing yards were the fewest of any game. The previous low was 248 yards against Utah in a 35–6 victory.

After the game, conversations on the game’s highlights plays, celebrity appearances, and general enthusiasm exploded on social media. The game’s hashtags started trending as commentators and fans exchanged ideas about this historic NCAA football matchup.


The game between the Oregon Ducks and Washington Huskies will surely go down as one of the season’s highlights because it demonstrated the excitement and unpredictability that college football offers to fans all over the country.


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